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Cass and Company provides an individualized service to each client and each candidate. We screen, interview, and do background checks for all candidates.  We work closely through the entire process of assisting with hiring and assisting with finding a new job to help both parties navigate the process. We have been in business for nearly 35 years and pride ourselves in the long term relationships we have with our clients and candidates.

In order for us to best serve you, please fill out the Client/Corporation Job Request Application. If you have any questions, please contact us via phone or email.


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Include all aspects of childcare, adult care or homecare needed, for example: Names of individuals to be cared for, their needs, ages, any special needs (physical, educational, emotional, behavioral, other) and their schedules. (Please use another piece if paper if necessary).


Please List Two References That We or The Prospective Candidate Can Call for a Reference. (One Could be a Current or Past Employee.)

Indemnity Agreement: The above information describes the position I/we are requesting Cass & Co, LLC to fill by searching for and referring candidates to be employed by me/us. I/we agree to abide by all of Cass & Co, LLC policies, contracts, and agreements . While Cass & Co, LLC endeavors to use its best efforts to recruit and refer qualified applicants that the company believes will accommodate my requirements and particular needs, I understand that the company cannot warrant that the information provided to it by the applicants is true and accurate, or that my employee will perform his/her duties to my satisfaction or will otherwise be suitable for my or my family's specific needs. By signing this agreement I understand and agree to release and discharge Cass & Co, LLC, and its officers, directors, and agents, from any liabilities, losses, obligations or damages incurred by me as a result of its referral, or by my employment of anyone through Cass & Co.LLC

Privacy Policy: Information collected by Cass & Company, LLC will be used only for the purpose of fulfilling our services which you have requested. Information that you provide to Cass & Company, LLC will not be given to any other parties without your written consent.

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